As the decision-maker, the board is in charge and needs to set the overall tone. Only when there are clear goals, systems and plans, will all of the involved parties in the organization thrive.

It is not uncommon that boards and residents tell us that their staff is lazy or is in “cahoots” with the managing agent. It is also not uncommon to hear that boards are unhappy with their managing agent. We could give you a very long list of all the reasons they think so, but in reality, the culprit is more often than not the board. Anyone who has ever read a management book knows that it starts at the top, and the one to blame for underperformance by the staff and managing agent is normally caused by poor leadership and decision making. In the case of associations, all decisions reside with the board.

As we all know, absent Georg Costanza, no employee want to be a bad employee.

If all parties are going to profit, then all parties need to be equipped with the right tools.

Here’s a list of some quick fixes to some common issues:

1.       Issue: Your resident manager does not know everything that goes on

Solution: Invite him to attend the entire board meeting (instead of his allotted 10-minute slot)

2.      Issue: Unpaid vendor invoices

Solution: Include the resident manager to receive the monthly financials so that he sees the full-circle

3.      Issue: Managing agent’s action list isn’t timely or updated

Solution: Create a Google sheet (or use an app/program like Asana) and invite all involved parties to collaborate

4.      Issue: You don’t have a capital project plan

Solution: Create a Google sheet with all systems and invite all involved parties to collaborate or view; use Asana project management to assign tasks and deadlines

5.      Issue: Access control keys are not set up correctly

Solution: Ask us! We have a revolutionary system that takes this time-wasting chore off the plate of resident managers and managing agents

6.      Issue: Storage and parking space waiting lists

Solution: Create a Google sheet and make it available on your BuildingLink for all residents to be able to add their names to, but don’t forget to protect the data so that people on the list can’t be deleted other than by the administrators

The organization has to collaborate to involve all parties. With a well thought-out plan, the board’s (and the building’s!) success relies on the successful performance of the resident manager and managing agent. In turn, the performance of the resident manager and managing agent relies on the successful leadership of the board.

While this is easy to say, it also needs to be properly communicated. Keeping residents informed is an important component of everybody winning in the end.