Residential Real Estate Disrupters

Boards and property managers of Cooperatives and Condominiums, or Co-ops and Condos, constantly struggle with rising operating costs while their remaining time is monopolized with day-to-day operations, special requests and unfortunate emergencies. We are financial consultants to Co-op and Condo boards and property owners. We spend 100% of our time finding and implementing cost cutting measures and efficiency solutions that increase cash-flow and improve overall building operations. Lower maintenance / common charges and fewer assessments result in increased property values

We work with building management to improve efficiencies and cut costs related to building operations. We analyze financial statements and pore over every line item, every vendor and every contract. We then compare our results to our building benchmarks, consisting of hundreds of buildings in similar situations. Based on our findings, we make recommendations. Following a board decision, we implement. Our implemented changes often have an immediate effect on costs and cash flow.  

Our Services

Our services include in-depth analysis and comparison to benchmark buildings. Combined with advice and implementation, this leads to cost cutting, revenue increase, collection of unbilled or uncollected incomes, and refunds for overpayments. Let us help your building increase cash-flow!  

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