Residential Real Estate Disrupters

Boards and property managers of Cooperatives and Condominiums, or Co-ops and Condos, constantly struggle with rising operating costs while their remaining time is monopolized with day-to-day operations, special requests and unfortunate emergencies. We are financial consultants to Co-op and Condo boards and property owners. We spend our time finding and implementing cost cutting measures and efficiency solutions that increase cash-flow and improve overall building operations. Lower maintenance / common charges and fewer assessments result in increased property values

With cost reductions as our focus, our Project Management (PM) and Better Property Management (BPM) services provide a better, more efficient alternative to fit into your busy schedules and lives.

We View Every Building as a Business

Boards and Managing Agents only have so much time to dedicate to a building. Despite best efforts to run the building proactively, time is a limiting factor. The bulk of their time is running the day-to-day operations. Working on just one major project can often take years from start to finish. This leaves little if any time for new or "elective" undertakings. 

We spend our time finding, and then recommending, and implementing cost savings. So, while the board and management continue working on operations and whatever projects they are already working on, all savings and efficiencies we implement are "Bonus" Results!