It’s a New Year with New Beginnings and all-new New Year’s Resolutions. Here are some fun facts:

The #1 New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight

The #5 New Year’s Resolution is to stay fit and healthy

8%: the amount of people who are successful in achieving their resolutions


Residential multifamily buildings have numerous residents belonging to an outside gym.

Your building could bring a fitness center to your building thereby increasing the odds of those whose New Year’s Resolution involves a fitness center; best of all, the building can have added revenue and property values! Some residents will still prefer the commercial outside gym, but many would be more inclined to go exercise in the upcoming winter weather if they do not need to leave the building.

The #1 reason we get from coop and condo boards that do not have a fitness center is that they do not have anywhere to put it. We have yet to find a building where we wouldn’t be able to find a space that could potentially be used to install a fitness center.

We have seen fitness centers installed in unused or poorly used basement space, the staff’s old locker room, on the roof, in the unused courtyard, between buildings, etc. With imagination there are virtually no limitations.

Help your residents improve their fitness and health, while the building improves its bottom line!