New York, NY, June 26, 2015 (Newswire) -The FolSon Group, a leading financial consulting firm to residential building management teams, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Spire Group, Inc. Spire is an industry-leading full-service NYC real estate brokerage and consulting firm.

 "This partnership agreement marks the beginning of a joint commitment to help reduce multi-family building carrying costs and inefficiencies, present even in New York's high-level real estate world," 


About The FolSon Group

The FolSon Group is a financial consultant to residential real estate managers and boards. It provides cost reduction and efficiency improvement services to multifamily buildings. It helps co-op & condo management cut costs so that they can keep their maintenance or common charges from increasing. This, in turn, results in higher property values. They have a successful track-record saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on dozens of projects. Their first building has had no maintenance increases and no special assessments for 5 years in a row, while actually increasing cash reserves.

About Spire Group, Inc.

Spire is a full service NYC real estate brokerage and consulting firm specializing in the marketing of premier residential and commercial properties. The company’s focus is on providing breakthrough real estate solutions that enrich lives. Spire services are all-inclusive and customized to the needs of each client with the highest standards of personalized attention, market knowledge, and integrity to deliver ideal properties at the most favorable terms possible.