My condo board was always struggling with two things: how to cut costs and how we were going to find the time to figure that out. And then I was introduced to Tina. Tina has been an amazing asset for us. She does the research to figure out what makes the most sense, provides proposals and even assists in the execution of cost reduction projects. Plus, her enormous experience working with other boards has enabled her to provide a good perspective for us on what works and what doesn’t and how we can run things more efficiently. I highly recommend the Folson Group.
— Geri Mazur, Condo Board Member

I have worked with Mark Foley in one of my long-term client’s buildings for over four years now, and highly recommend The Folson Group. They exceeded every promise that they made, and as a result the building has been able to keep maintenance flat going on five years. They work seamlessly with managing agents and have cut costs and increased services, while actually increasing reserves.
— Roger Berman, Partner, Bloom & Streit LLP

I’m a resident in a building that has benefited tremendously from Mark and Tina’s expertise and guidance. From a gorgeous new roof deck and new gym to no maintenance increases in years. They both have a superb work ethic, incredible attention to detail and seemingly endless innovative ideas (and energy!). We are very fortunate to have them!
— Ana R., Coop Owner

I recommended Tina with The Folson Group to one of my corporate clients, a self-storage company. I needed to reduce expenses and increase cash flow immediately. Hiring The Folson Group enabled me to spend my time running the day-to-day operations, while they immediately located inefficiencies, outliers and implemented savings. The end-result was a quick and significant 14% increase in our profit margin! Both my client and I couldn’t be happier!
— Larendee Roos, Management Consultant, Park Circle Storage

Hiring The Folson Group for our self-managed coop has been a game changer for us! We knew we needed to do some upgrades to our building systems, and they have been instrumental in guiding us in the process. Our board had a hard time making decisions, but Folson’s expertise made the hard decisions easy. This shift has helped our board work better as a team, run a better building- and save money!
— Steve Orselet, Coop Board Officer

To maintain, or increase shareholder and owner value, it is essential to reduce costs to prevent maintenance or common charge increases. The Folson Group is spot on and they offer an invaluable service to buildings. I highly recommend them.
— Glenn Connolly, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Compass

Just a note to let you know much much I appreciate the work you have done for our building. Another year without an increase! Thank you
— John L., Coop Shareholder

I have seen first hand the work that The Folson Group does and the value they bring to co-op and condo associations. They are experienced, professional and knowledgeable. They will help your building save money on capital improvement projects. Highly recommended!
— Michael Blumenfeld, Principal, Mile Square Insurance Agency