Q. How much money can you possibly save our building?

A. Every building is unique. One building did save over a million dollars. A Folson business audit could lead to significant savings for your building as well. As soon as the board enters into an agreement with us, we can give you an approximate estimate of savings. Some fixed costs could potentially be reduced by at least 25% and some variable costs could be reduced even further.

Q. Our fixed costs account for over 80% of our budget. How could you possibly help us in this situation?

A. Managers and Boards have come to believe that because those costs are fixed, they cannot be reduced. This is where we disagree. For instance, everyone knows that electricity is necessary, hence a fixed cost. However, we work with boards on reducing the amount of electricity that buildings consume. We then we take that one step further and also advise on reducing the cost of electricity. This has resulted in annual savings of as much as 50% in electricity costs. We think "outside the box" and thus help reduce those costs which aren't necessarily thought of as being able to be reduced.

Q. My maintenance has been increasing every year. How do I introduce your team to my board?

A. Simply tell the board members that you found a service that will help them cut a long list of the building’s costs in a very short period of time, with no risk or out-of-pocket up-front fees. Then, offer to schedule an introduction.